About the author

I’m fascinated by our relationship with technology and each other. Because of this, I spend my days using technology to enhance everyday experiences and improve our quality of life and I truly believe that it can.

I know that I could do this on my own but by working with people who also share my same belief and who can approach the problem from a different angle because of their own experiences, it means that the unexpected can happen and I love the unexpected because most of the time, it makes things better.

I believe that it’s easy (and fun) to get excited but how rapidly technology seems to be moving but it’s also necessary to make sure that we use this new technology in a relevant and intelligent way so that the time we spend making things is not wasted.

My approach to life is that good things take time, they often don’t come cheap and that smiling makes the people around us happier.

My work history is also available online.

If you’re interested in seeing a portfolio of my work or if you think we’d work well together, feel free to contact me via email at matt[at][consideredapproach][dot][com]. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries.